Horeca was established in 2008 with the objective of supplying and servicing the highly progressive and growing foodservice contract sector.



Horeca is made up of 9 Family Owned Wholesale/Cash & Carry outlets, strategically placed throughout the country.



There is a wealth of knowledge and experience within Horeca, who have been collative trading for over 60 years. The 9 members comprise of 14 warehouses, geographically situated to service the needs of Nationwide contracts.

  Horeca is dedicated to supplying a competitive edge and quality of service to the highly competitive and progressive Foodservice Contract Sector.

Horeca warehouses stock all the Leading Brands and as members of the Stonehouse Group also include their own range of specially packed and prepared dried and ambient products under the “White Hat” Brand.


Horeca has a combined turnover in excess €350 Million per annum.

Horeca group employs 340 staff working throughout 14 warehouses.